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Payroll Services

While some business chose to run payroll themselves through manual bookkeeping or do-it-yourself payroll applications, however majority of small businesses prefer to outsource payroll processing mainly for three reasons. It saves them time and money and provide greater accuracy.

Federal and state payroll laws and requirements are constantly changing. It takes your precious time to familiarize yourself with the newest laws in order to handle the payroll correctly and not to mention time and hassle it takes every pay period to process the payroll, pay employees, pay taxes and file payroll returns. If you outsource your payroll processing, you don’t have to worry about any of these. Time saved is money saved and cost to outsource will be negligible compared to cost of doing it in-house. Let professional handle your payroll processing for better accuracies.

Our payroll services include
  • Initial payroll setup and ongoing employee or contractor changes
  • Process payroll for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors.
  • Process bonus, commissions, overtime and many other wage types
  • Flexible pay periods for group of employees
  • Pay employees and contractors with direct bank deposits or check
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Pay Taxes
  • File payroll returns with government agencies
  • Prepare W-2 for employees at year-end
  • Send W-2 at year end
  • File W-2’s at year-end
Additional features
  • Track employee and contractor time with ease
  • Track time and cost for every jobs, services items and projects
  • Schedule jobs and shifts with ease.

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