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Bookkeeping Services


    Ultra Accounting Services offers a wide variety of bookkeeping and accounting services to small businesses and individuals alike. There is no one better when it comes to recording and accurately categorizing your financial transactions.

    It’s no secret that bookkeeping can be a tedious task. Ultimately, if you are looking for a trusted service to balance your books, take care of your bank transactions, sales invoices and purchase bills, don’t worry ㅡ we’ve got you covered.


    If you are looking for someone to track, capture and organize your receipts, you’ve come to the right place. Our extensive experience in finding the best solutions when it comes to expense management makes us one of the top services in that field.

    Our expense management services include dealing with:

    • Expense approvals
    • Expense reports
    • Company credit card reconciliation
    • Employee expense reimbursement
    • Mileage tracking

    Our service will help automate your receipt and expense management process so you can organize them right from your phone. You’ll be able to reimburse expenses to your employees, track mileage, and even store receipt images with expenses. All you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt and it will be added to an automated expense report. We’ve really made the entire expense management process a breeze!


    If your business needs any of the services listed below, look no further, contact us today.

    • Bill incrementally with progress invoicing and accept payments throughout the course of the job.
    • Posting data from e-commerce stores to accounting systems
    • Finding everyday financing solutions that help grow businesses overnight
    • Matching payments to invoices
    • Tracking invoice statuses
    • Sending payment reminders

    You can get paid faster with an option to accept payment with a credit card or bank transfer right in the invoice. We assure you that our services will provide all the necessary tools needed to grow and maintain your business.


    If you want to make paying your bills and invoices a quick and easy process, our service is here to help make it easier than you ever could have imagined. Entering data more than once and waiting days for approvals make running any business needlessly stressful.

    With our service, you’ll be able to record purchase bills, store bill images, track payment status, match payments to bills, and pay bills using bank transfers and checks.

    You’ll be able to keep track of your accounts payable with ease at all times, which means you’ll be able to focus on running your business rather than on tedious paperwork. Staying organized is the key, and our service is here to help you achieve exactly that.


    If you’re overwhelmed by your accumulating bank and credit card records and can’t find the time to reconcile them, it’s time to hire a service that will do that for you.

    The accuracy of your financial data depends on bank statement reconciliation. If you want to ensure that the money you’re recording is consistent with the money recorded in the bank, we can help you achieve that.

    We’ll make sure your bank accounts are accurately balanced. Account reconciliation has never been simpler!


    Financial statements are crucial for every business. However, preparing them is both time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, allow us to take that weight off your shoulders. At Ultra Accounting Services, we will take care of everything — from preparing balance sheet to income statement and cash flow.

    Hiring us to prepare your financial statements will help you analyze and interpret information that will guide you through making well thought-out investment and budget decisions.

    It’s time to reduce your workload and concentrate on the needs of your company. Hire us today to prepare accurate financial statements for your business!


    Management accounting reports are often overlooked by many businesses but they provide important information for strategic planning, measuring performance, improve profitability and set realistic goals.

    Since several critical business decisions are made based on these reports, it is important that they are accurately prepared by experts. Engage us today to receive professional looking management reports with executive summary and overview of business. Additionally, we will create custom reports specific to your business needs which will help support your decision-making process and with future planning.


    When it comes to maintaining a successful business, inventory management is key. Every business aims to lower its total inventory cost to a minimum and generate a high return. That’s where our service comes in perfectly.

    At Ultra Accounting Services, we offer various services to help manage inventory, such as

    • Serial and lot tracking
    • Creating pickup tickets
    • Creating packing slips
    • Managing stock levels
    • Barcode scanning
    • Transferring the inventory between locations
    • Tracking raw material and work in progress
    • Tracking the finished goods inventory

    Reach out to us today if you are overwhelmed with managing your inventory, we can help.


    Accounting on a project-by-project basis can do wonders for your business. Tracking financial components such as estimates, budgets, billing, and expenses by project, you can easily identify and fix cost overruns.

    Our project accounting service will track your projects and allow you to see how much profit you’re making on each individual one. Furthermore, you will have access to crucial information regarding project hours and total expenses.

    The benefits of project accounting are incredible, so if you’ve never considered hiring a service to help you keep track of your individual projects, it’s time to call in the professionals!


    If you are a global player doing business with multiple countries, you know how difficult it is to maintain accounts in multiple currencies. If your company has foreign clients, you require the ability to record transactions and report them in different currencies. Check out our multi-currency accounting solution, we are sure you will benefit from there.

    At Ultra Accounting Services, we understand complexities involved with multi-currency accounting and we’re here to help you offer solution that you can rely on, and that can handle any and all currencies.


    Managing fixed assets is not simple at all. Ultimately, recording asset movement and asset additions must be done properly, which can prove to be quite an ordeal. Many businesses face significant challenges in tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, and devaluation of their assets.

    At Ultra Accounting Services, we know you have a business to run and that you need to invest your time in keeping it successful. That’s why our experts are here to help you manage and keep track of your assets in a professional manner.

    The key to our success is that we expertly classify assets as well as sub-assets according to their location and order of importance.

    Our fixed asset management services also include:

    • Calculating depreciation
    • Calculating projected depreciation


    It’s time to start working smarter and faster. Cloud-based accounting will help significantly increase your financial efficiency by making your data available anytime, anywhere, from any device.

    If you’d like to keep tabs on your accounts at all times, then cloud bookkeeping is the perfect solution for you. Let’s face it — your business doesn’t pause when you leave the office.

    At Ultra Accounting Services, we’ll transfer all the data from your PC-based accounting software to cloud bookkeeping software.

    If you have never considered online bookkeeping, it’s perfect time to do so now. You will be able to focus more on your business and personal life once you realize your days of shuffling through piles of documents are finally over.


    Streamlining business processes can increase a company’s efficiency in several ways. The crucial thing to remember is to discover, simplify and eliminate. Namely, by discovering what tasks you can simplify without compromising the end result and eliminating unnecessary steps, you can increase your profits at a fast and continuous rate.

    At Ultra Accounting Services, we offer to:

    • Find solutions specific to your industry
    • Find solutions specific to your business process

    Streamlining business processes is no easy feat. It requires experts to find the right solution. That’s why we’re here to help you increase the efficiency of your business and automate all repetitive tasks.


    Accounting software is one of the most important tools that will help keep your business’s financial matters up to date. However, it’s crucial to choose accounting software that’s the right fit for you. At Ultra Accounting Services, we will not only help you choose the right accounting software but also help you install and set it up.

    We also provide the following services:

    • Migrating data to the newly installed software
    • Provide ongoing training and support

    We will ensure smooth transition to new accounting software.


    At Ultra Accounting Services, we offer to prepare books for your accountant and we will also work closely with your tax prepare or CPA to provide them everything they need to file your tax returns. We are sure your CPA will thank you for that. You’re guaranteed a top-quality service.

    You need a professional service by your side to help with your bookkeeping and we’re truly a service that aims for customer satisfaction. Therefore, for all your financial bookkeeping needs, don’t hesitate to call Ultra Accounting Services.

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